The TuneUp Application for iPhone & iPod touch

TuneUp is an extraordinary digital tuner brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D'Addario company's family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands.

Combining the rapid and precise note-detection technology for iPhone OS with Apple's proven touch-screen controls, TuneUp turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate portable instrument tuner. Dedicated modes for guitar, bass, violin, banjo and other stringed instruments offer the most reliable pitch measurement on any handheld platform. Whether using the iPhone's built-in microphone, an external mic or connecting your instrument directly to the iPhone you can choose from three beautifully designed interfaces — Strobe, Needle or Digital — and watch as TuneUp precisely captures the pitch of each string in real time.

Presets include chromatic and standard tunings as well as common alternate tunings such as Drop D, DADGAD and Open G. Users can also create and save their own tuning setups for different songs or instruments. On stage, in the studio or anywhere your music takes you, TuneUp ensures you'll never miss a note.

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TuneUp includes:
  • Powered by Audiofile Engineering's AETune™ note-detection technology
  • Unparalleled tuning accuracy – plus or minus .2 cents
  • Three elegantly rendered interfaces: Strobe, Needle and Digital
  • Digital read out of eight instrument modes
        - Full chromatic
        - Guitar
        - Bass/Mandobass
        - Violin/Mandolin
        - Viola/Mandola
        - Cello/MandoCello
        - Ukulele
        - Banjo
  • Built-in presets for guitar
        - Standard
        - Drop D
        - Open D
        - DADGAD
        - Open A
        - Open E
        - Open G
  • Built-in presets for banjo
        - Standard
        - G Modal
        - Double C
        - Standard C
        - D tuning
  • Ability to create and store customized tuning setups
  • Adjustable pitch reference
        - 415 Hz (Baroque)
        - 430 through 450 Hz
        - 430.54 Hz (Scientific)
        - 452 Hz (Old Philharmonic)
        - 460 Hz (High Renaissance)

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